Theopolis Podcast: Paths to Human Maturity, An Interview with Dr David Field

In this episode of the Theopolis Podcast, Peter Leithart and I are joined by Dr David Field, to discuss his work in the area of psychology and counselling. Dr Field’s work has been vigorously discussed on the Theopolis blog (see this opening post and the responses linked at the top) and elsewhere over the last month.

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Conversation with Paul VanderKlay on Jordan Peterson, Social Justice, Gender, the Church

I’ve followed Paul VanderKlay’s YouTube channel for some time. Paul is a minister in the Christian Reformed Church of North America, based in Sacramento. Seeing a profound interest in deep conversations with young men in particular following the rise of Jordan Peterson, he has made such conversations a key dimension of his ministry and now has a large following and extensive engagement with a demographic that so many other ministers are uncertain of how to reach. He recently invited me to have a conversation with him on his channel. We had a long call yesterday and this was the result.

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