Transcript for The Family of Abraham: Part 6—Hagar and a New Fall

This transcription of the sixth part of my series on the story of the family of Abraham was transcribed by Lorraine O’Neal. If you would be interested in her transcription services—for sermons, lectures, talks, or something else—you can contact her here.

I would very much like to provide transcripts for all of my videos, but I will require more support for this to be affordable. If you would like to help to make this possible, please consider supporting or donating using my Patreon or PayPal accounts. New sponsorship and donations are being earmarked for this specific purpose.

If you would like to volunteer to transcribe some videos yourself, please contact me using the page above.You can see a complete list of my videos and transcripts here.

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Is the Samaritan Woman Like Hagar and Other Such Questions

The story of Hagar found in Genesis 16 reminds me of the Samaritan woman in John 4. Both accounts involve a woman who is (in some sense) cast out from the Abrahamic community. She is met by God in visible form at a spring/well, and responds by praising his seeing/knowledge about her life. Has anyone else commented on this parallel before, or is it a bit too “fanciful” to be helpful?

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