Transcript for Should We Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus at Christmas

One of my supporters has very kindly transcribed this video, in which I address the novel practice of singing Happy Birthday to Jesus at Christmas time. I don’t have time to transcribe my videos myself, so anyone willing to volunteer to transcribe one video every week or fortnight would be greatly appreciated! The transcript is very lightly edited at a few points for the purpose of comprehension.

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Should We Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus at Christmas? (#QTWTAIN)

I recently ran into a new (to me?) liturgical trend that seems to be suddenly ubiquitous, and that, at least initially caught me somewhat flat footed: Celebrating Christmas by singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus, and/or making part of the Christmas celebration a birthday party for Jesus.

My initial feeling is that this celebration is extremely misguided, and I think I can articulate some objections; but I’m having some difficulty clearly and thoroughly articulating an objection (assuming it is problematic), and I don’t know how to respond well. What are your thoughts on this sort of liturgical practice, and how to respond to it well? I’m particularly concerned regarding the catechesis of my daughter.

(RE: Its ubiquity: Today our pastor said the church would sing “Happy Birthday to Jesus” in the liturgy after the Christ candle in the advent wreath is lit–as if the Christ candle were His birthday candle(!), and there’d be birthday cake for Jesus after the service; my daughter sang it as part of her preschool’s Christmas celebration; and my nephew’s LCMS Christmas celebration was a celebration of “The birthday of our best friend, Jesus”.)

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