The Seventh Day of Christmas: Herod, the Wronged Villain

Over the Christmas period, I am posting videos exploring biblical echoes and symmetries in the stories of the nativity in the gospels. In this seventh video I discuss the villain of the account, Herod, and the complicated history that lies behind him. I have more to say about these themes in my book, Echoes of Exodus. I also reference Peter Leithart’s recent commentary on Matthew’s gospel.

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Exegesis, Authorial Intention, and Typology

Is the task of exegesis limited to discovering the author’s original intention, or can meaning somehow overflow intention? If so, in what way? What guardrails are in place that would enable us to recognize certain readings as off-limits? A common text referenced in these discussions is Matthew 2:15’s usage of Hosea 11:1, so I’d be interested to hear your take on that as well.

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