Tips For Reading Your Bible Better

How do you go about noticing intertextual links? Is is mostly intuitive based on large exposure to the Bible? Do you do particular searches? Is it just checking cross-references (is there a similar apparatus for the BHS like there is for the NA28, for instance)? Any insight is appreciated.


Do you have any set notetaking when it comes to Scripture in order to remember insights, intertextual links, important points on tricky passages, etc.? If yes, how do you go about it and organize it?

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Transcript of Video on Jeremiah’s New Covenant

I wanted to experiment with producing a transcript of my talks, to see how much effort it would take. The following is my first attempt, a transcript (somewhat polished up in places) of my recent video on Jeremiah 31.

All of these videos are produced without any notes whatsoever, pretty much off the top of my head. Consequently, there is a fair amount of rambling and the transcript isn’t anywhere near as tight as it would be if I were giving a prepared presentation.

If people really want transcripts, I would be prepared to produce them if I had more Patreon support. As things stand, however, it is a task that is costly in time and effort and neither a very wise nor economic use of my time.

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Why is Lot Called ‘Righteous’ Even Though He Offered His Daughters to the Men of Sodom?

How are we to interpret Lot’s offering of his two virgin daughters to the men of Sodom when they surround his house and demand that he brings out his guests so that they may have sex with them in Genesis 19? Was it such an unthinkable breach of hospitaility to let his guests be molested in this way that he desperately resorted to a lesser of two evils? Or was the offer simply a stalling tactic as he knew that the men of Sodom would not accept it anyway? How does 2 Peter 2:7 control our interpretation of the passage and of Lot’s life in general?

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