List of Videos and Podcasts

The following is a list of my personal videos and podcasts, with links to each one, and an up-to-date list of those which have been transcribed. The earliest links are to the videos only, but the relevant podcasts can be found over on Soundcloud.

1. Jesus as the Greater Ezekiel in Luke 3-4
2. Acts 12 and the Resurrection and Exodus of Peter
3. Priest, King, Prophet
4. Is Peter the Rock on Which the Church is Built?
5. Does Jacob’s Wrestling with the Angel Prefigure Christ’s Death?
6. Why is it the Man rather than the Woman who leaves Father and Mother in Genesis 2:24?
7. A Biblical Theology of the Household (transcribed)
8. The Threefold Personhood of God
9. Exegesis, Authorial Intention, and Typology
10. Trinity and Modalism
11. Ruth the Moabitess and the Moabite Women of Nehemiah
12. The Chronology of Genesis 38
13. Is Ecclesiastes Nihilistic? (being transcribed)
14. What is the Biblical Theological Significance of Melchizedek?
15. Unravelling the Mysteries of the Book of Esther
16. Understanding the Sign Gifts
17. Through New Eyes Recommendation
18. The Meaning of Rachel’s Tears in Matthew 2
19. How Do We Reconcile the Differing Accounts of Judas’ Death?
20. How Does Genesis Anticipate Later Redemptive History?
21. What Should We Make of Jeremiah’s Prophecy of a New Covenant? (transcribed)
22. Why is Lot Called Righteous Even Though He Offered His Daughters to the Men of Sodom?
23. What Does Jesus Mean When He Speaks About Being Born Again?
24. What is Paul’s Allegory of Sarah and Hagar About?
25. Tips for Reading Your Bible Better
26. Why Did the Gadarene Villagers Ask Jesus to Leave?
27. What Should We Make of the Curious Numbers of Acts?
28. Why Does Figural Preaching Matter?
29. Why Doesn’t Paul Say More About Evangelism?
30. How Should We Understand the People Who Fall Away in Hebrews 6?
31. Are We Living in the Last Days?
32. Does New Creation Undermine Natural Law?
33. What is Meant by Calling Marriage a Natural Institution?
34. What Are the Benefits and Dangers of Bible Software?
35. How Can Peter Describe False Teachers as Having Been ‘Bought’ by Christ?
36. Is the Widow With the Two Mites a Positive Example of Sacrificial Giving?
37. Should the Lord’s Supper Have a Sombre Tone?
38. Why Are There So Many Binitarian Formulations in the New Testament?
39. Should We Read the Story of David and Goliath Primarily as an Underdog Narrative?
40. Was Jesus a Fruitful Eunuch?
41. Was Israel Wrong to Ask for a King?
42. Bumper Question and Answer Episode
43. Should We Be Using the Lectionary?
44. Why is the Tribe of Dan Excluded in Revelation 7?
45. Are Young Elders a Contradiction in Terms?
46. What is the Case Against Women’s Ordination? (transcribed)
47. John Hughes, The End of Work: Theological Critiques of Capitalism
48. How Should We Understand Formal Leadership Within the Church?
49. Thoughts on the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel
50. Paedocommunion
51. What Does Baptism Do for a Person?
52. To What Extent Should We Approach Scripture With Completely Open Minds
53. The Story of Cain and Abel
54. Appeals to Natural Law and Scripture and the Effectiveness of Jordan Peterson
55. Is Abortion to be Solved by Controlling Male Sexual Behaviour?
56. Matthieu Pageau, The Language of Creation (transcribed)
57. My Ten Most Stimulating Bible-Related Books
58. Does Baptism Save Us?
59. Echoes of the Eucharist
60. The Two Kingdoms
61. More on Two Kingdoms
62. Paul Maxwell on Masculinity (largely transcribed here)
63. Gender Segregation
64. My Library and Reading Habits
65. More on my Reading and My Writing Habits
66. What’s the Deal With the Weird Healing Pool in John 5?
67. Thinking Well About Our Disagreements
68. Why Did Satan Enter Into Judas to Betray Jesus if He Knew the Cross Would Defeat Him?
69. How Should We Understand the Weird Circumstances Around the Circumcision of Gershom?
70. Michael McClymond and Gerald McDermott, The Theology of Jonathan Edwards (transcribed)
71. Did the Scriptural Authors Intend Their Figural Meanings?
72. Is the Elect Lady of 2 John a Woman Pastor?
73. Should Christians Be Friends With Non-Christians?
74. Did Jephthah Kill His Daughter?
75. Yoram Hazony, The Virtue of Nationalism (transcribed)
76. 1 Corinthians 14 and Women’s Silence in Church
77. Reading Revelation
78. The Mark of the Beast
79. Moving Mountains
80. Were Rebekah and Jacob Justified in Deceiving Isaac?
81. Did Jesus Address the Multitude or His Disciples in the Sermon on the Mount?
82. Beatitudes and Woes
83. Why Was Jesus Baptized?
84. How Do You Find Real Life Theological Conversation Partners?
85. Elisha and the She-Bears
86. Echoes of Exodus in the Great Commission?
87. Was Cain Supposed to Be His Brother’s Keeper?
88. Meredith Kline, Images of the Spirit
89. Is There Meaning to Be Found in the Ordering of the Books of the Bible? (transcribed)
90. Singles Adopting
91. Richard Rohr on Scripture
92. Peter Leithart and Me on Baptismal Efficacy
93. Being Born Again, Baptism, and the Subjective and Objective Work of the Spirit
94. The Cherubic Faces of Solomon’s Water Chariots
95. Jairus’ Daughter and the Woman With the Issue of Blood
96. The Church and the Natural Family (transcribed)
97. Call No Man Father, Castor and Pollux, Contraception
98. Man, Woman, Deception and Authority in 1 Timothy 2
99. Legal and Natural Consequences of Sin
100. The Trinity in the Old Testament, the Faith of Old Testament Believers, and the Angel of the Lord
101. Responding to Criticisms of Echoes of Exodus (transcribed)
102. Theological Training
103. What They Didn’t Teach Me in My Formal Theological Education
104. Must the Pastor Be a Gifted Theologian? (transcribed)
105. Election in Ephesians 1 (transcribed)
106. How Did I Change My Mind on Infant Baptism? (transcribed)
107. Should We Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus at Christmas? (transcribed)
108. Paul Maxwell on Masculinity Revisited
109. The Bumper Hundredth Question and Answer Video
110. The First Day of Christmas: Twin Nativities (transcribed)
111. The Second Day of Christmas: Samuel in Luke (transcribed)
112. The Third Day of Christmas: Luke’s Two Pentecosts (transcribed)
113. The Fourth Day of Christmas: Two Presentations in the Temple (transcribed)
114. The Fifth Day of Christmas: Rachel, Desolate and Restored (transcribed)
115. The Sixth Day of Christmas: Joseph the Dreamer (transcribed)
116. The Seventh Day of Christmas: Herod, the Wronged Villain (transcribed)
117. The Eighth Day of Christmas: Pharaoh and the Magicians (transcribed)
118. The Ninth Day of Christmas: Foreigners in Search of Wisdom (transcribed)
119. The Tenth Day of Christmas: Balaam and the Magi (transcribed)
120. The Eleventh Day of Christmas: Angels and Shepherds (transcribed)
121. The Twelfth Day of Christmas: The Forerunner in the Wilderness (transcribed)
122. Creation Days in John’s Gospel
123. Is the Parable of the Sower About Israel?
124. Created in the Image of the Angels?
125. Women and the Image of God
126. How Should We Introduce Evangelicals to Liturgy?
127. How Do We Apply Paul’s Teaching to Jews as Twenty-First Century Gentiles?
128. Numbering the Tribes
129. Human Sacrifice and Divine Wrath in 2 Kings 3
130. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Image of God
131. Levirate Marriage
132. Why Doesn’t Eleazar Die in the Wilderness?
133. Angela Nagle, Kill All Normies
134. The Test of Jealousy
135. Joanna the Wife of Chuza
136. Is the Samaritan Woman Like Hagar and Other Such Questions
137. False Pattern Recognition, Conspiracy Theories, And The Need For Well-Calibrated Perception
138. The Family of Abraham: Part 1—Introduction (transcribed)
139. The Family of Abraham: Part 2—A Dead Brother and a Barren Wife (transcribed)
140. The Family of Abraham: Part 3—Exodus from Egypt and the Departure of Lot (transcribed)
141. The Family of Abraham: Part 4—Defeating The Kings, Rescuing Lot, Meeting Melchizedek (transcribed)
142. Why Does The Modern World Care So Much About Equality (and what does Scripture say about it)?
143. Why is the Apostle Peter Called Simon Bar-Jonah?
144. Phyllis Chesler, A Politically Incorrect Feminist
145. The Family of Abraham: Part 5—Cutting A Covenant (transcribed)
146. The Family of Abraham: Part 6—Hagar and a New Fall (transcribed)
147. The Family of Abraham: Part 7—The Covenant of Circumcision (transcribed)
148. The Family of Abraham: Part 8—The Visitation of the Angels (transcribed)
149. Seventy Times Seven
150. Numerology
151. Why Did David Take Five Smooth Stones?
152. Are David’s Five Smooth Stones Related to Christ’s Five Loaves?
153. The Family of Abraham: Part 9—The Destruction of Sodom (transcribed)
154. The Family of Abraham: Part 10—A Threat to the Seed and the Opening of the Wombs of the Gentiles (transcribed)
155. The Family of Abraham: Part 11—Sending Out the Bondwoman (transcribed)
156. The Family of Abraham: Part 12—The Binding Of Isaac
157. How to Get Things Done
158. James Bejon on the Book of Judges
159. What’s the Pastoral Use of Typology?
160. The Family of Abraham: Part 13—The Death of Sarah
161. The Family of Abraham: Part 14—Rebekah, Bride and Matriarch
162. The Family of Abraham: Part 15—Abraham Dies and Esau and Jacob are Born
163. The Family of Abraham: Part 16—Isaac in the Land of the Philistines
164. What Does Romans 8-11 Teach About Election? (transcribed)
165. Free Will
166. More on Election, Predestination, and the Freedom of the Will
167. The Family of Abraham: Part 17—The Deception of Isaac
168. The Family of Abraham: Part 18—Jacob’s Ladder
169. The Family Of Abraham: Part 19—Rachel And Leah
170. The Family of Abraham: Part 20—Mandrakes and Poplar Rods
171. Sex Recession?
172. What Does Worldview Thinking Miss?
173. Contrasting Complementarian Approaches to Headship (transcribed)
174. The Family of Abraham: Part 21—The Flight from Laban and the Stolen Teraphim
175. The Family of Abraham: Part 22—Wrestling With God
176. The Family of Abraham: Part 23—Jacob and Esau Reconciled
177. The Family of Abraham: Part 24—The Abduction of Dinah
178. Theopolis Junior Fellows Program
179. Pastor C.R. Wiley On Recovering The Household
180. Jordan Peterson and Evangelical Christianity
181. The Family of Abraham: Part 25—Three Deaths, a Birth, and a Rebellion
182. The Family of Abraham: Part 26—Edom
183. The Family of Abraham: Part 27—The Sale of Joseph
184. Jesus in the Lions’ Den
185. Thinking About My Thinking
186. Easter as New Birth
187. The Family of Abraham: Part 28—Judah and Tamar
188. The Family of Abraham: Part 29—Joseph in Potiphar’s House
189. Trouble at Timnah (Samson and Judah)
190. The Family of Abraham: Part 30—The Butler and the Baker’s Dreams
191. The Family of Abraham: Part 31—Pharaoh’s Dreams
192. The Idolatry of the Family?
193. The Man at Shechem
194. The Family of Abraham: Part 32—The Brothers Go Down to Egypt
195. The Dimensions of Noah’s Ark
196. Baptism and Circumcision
196. Jonah’s Ark
197. The Family of Abraham: Part 33—Returning to Egypt with Benjamin
198. The Family of Abraham: Part 34—Judah Intercedes for Benjamin
199. The Family of Abraham: Part 35—Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers
200. The Family of Abraham: Part 36—Jacob’s Descent into Egypt
201. The Family of Abraham: Part 37—The Continuing Famine and Joseph’s Promise to His Father
202. The Family of Abraham: Part 38—The Blessing of Joseph’s Sons
203. Tips on Daily Bible Reading
204. Clickbait
205. David and Jonathan
206. The Family of Abraham: Part 39—The Testament of Jacob
207. The Family of Abraham: Part 40—Disposing of the Bodies
208. The Family of Abraham: Part 41—The Continuing Adventures
209. The Family of Abraham: Part 42—Our Story?
210. Clean and Unclean Animals
211. Ritual and Moral Law
212. Parsing the Law—How to Keep the Sabbath
213. Symbolism and Allegory
214. John 7—Is It Ever OK To Lie?
215. Jesus: A New Nebuchadnezzar?
216. The Parable of the Good Samaritan (transcribed)
217. Jake Meador, In Search of the Common Good
218. The Troubling Absence of Consent in OT Law and Narrative
219. Saul, Saul, Why Do You Persecute Me? (transcribed)
220. What Spiritual Nutrients are in the Tops and Tails of Paul’s Letters? (transcribed)
221. Saul Versus Bar-Jesus (transcribed)
222. Joseph Minich on Work
223. Daily Quiet Time
224. Why Does Revelation Use So Much Symbolism?
225. Sola Scriptura, Roman Catholicism, and the Quest for Certainty
226. The Creation Days and the Seven Signs of John
227. Miriam, Deliverer of Her People
228. Jesus and the Water in the Wilderness
229. Men as Trees Walking (Mark 8) (transcribed)
230. Who Are James Jordan’s Influences?
231. The White Stone (Revelation 2:17) (transcribed)
232. Did the Mosaic Covenant End at the Battle of Aphek?
233. John Higgins on the Bible as Art
234. New Wineskins, New Covenant
235. Davenant Hall Biblical Wisdom Course
236. What Makes Gathered Worship Different?
237. Lot’s Daughters Revisited
238. The Typology of the Beheading of John the Baptist
239. Onsi Kamel on Conversion to Catholicism
240. Puzzling Further About Lot and His Daughters
241. Grammatical-Historical Exegesis and a Theopolitan Hermeneutic
242. The Trials of Paul
243. Peter Walking on the Water
244. The Summons of Jesus and Elijah to Discipleship
245. Update!
246. Can You Make This Idea A Reality?
247. Why Does Saul Ask About David’s Father’s Identity After David Killed Goliath?
248. Eagle Symbolism
249. The Genesis of Jesus Christ (Matthew 1)
250. Where Is He Who Has Been Born King Of The Jews? (Matthew 2)
251. A Voice in the Wilderness (Matthew 3)
252. Led Up Into the Wilderness (Matthew 4)
253. Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly … in Psalms?
254. What is the Centre of Biblical Theology?
255. Supersessionism
256. Small Groups
257. The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-16)
258. Not To Abolish But To Fulfil (Matthew 5:17-48)
259. Almsgiving, God’s Giving, Forgiving, Thanksgiving (Matthew 6)
260. Judging, Seeking, and Building (Matthew 7)
261. He Bore Our Diseases (Matthew 8)
262. Never Was Anything Like This Seen (Matthew 9)
263. The Parable of the Lost Son … or is it? (with Joe McCulley and Kyle Lammott)
264. Scripture Teaches Us HOW to Think, Not Just WHAT to Think (Natural Law and Biblical Typology)
265. Whose Coming Forth is From of Old—Merry Christmas, Everyone!
266. End of 2019 Update
267. Steven Duby and Joseph Minich on Divine Simplicity (‘The Lord Is One: Reclaiming Divine Simplicity’)
268. Foucault and Resurrection, with Patrick Stefan
269. Creating a Society More Hospitable to Motherhood with Harriet Connor
270. How to Skim Read
271. Coronavirus and the Daily Office
272. Principles of Christian Wisdom in the Time of Coronavirus (with Steven Wedgeworth)
273. Analog Church (with Jay Kim)
274. Something for Eastertide…
275. The Future of Orthodox Anglicanism (with Gerald McDermott)
276. Restoring the Dignity of Time (with Amber Bowen)
277. The Ascension of Christ (with Patrick Schreiner)
278. Jordan Peterson and Christian Humanism (with Esther O’Reilly)
279. A Conversation with Aaron Renn, Alastair Roberts, and C.R. Wiley
280. Follow-Up Q&A: Aaron Renn, Alastair Roberts, and Chris Wiley
281. Everyday Glory: The Revelation of God in All of Reality (with Gerald McDermott)
282. Reaching a Milestone!
283. Technology, Formation, Community, and Narrative in the Digital Age (with Michael Sacasas)