Mere Fidelity

Mere Fidelity

Mere Fidelity is a weekly podcast hosted by Mere Orthodoxy, tackling a wide range of theological, ethical, social, and biblical topics. Along with Derek Rishmawy, Andrew Wilson, and Matt Lee Anderson, I am one of the regular participants. You can follow the podcast on iTunes, on Soundcloud, or using this RSS feed.

Episodes 1-5

1. Capital Punishment and the Old Testament
2. Do Calvinists Worship Another God?
3. Is There Such a Thing as ‘Moral Orthodoxy’?
4. The Doctrine of Sanctification
5. The Trinity and the Bible (with Fred Sanders)

Episodes 6-10

6. Begotten or Made? Chapter 1: The End of Nature (with Matthew Loftus)
7. Surprised by N.T. Wright
8. Begotten or Made? Chapter 2: The Transgender Question
9. N.T. Wright and His Reformed Critics
10. Begotten or Made? Chapter 3: On Marriage and Donated Gametes

Episodes 11-15

11. On Divine Accommodation
12. What Adoption Is and Isn’t
13. What’s Wrong (and Right) with ‘Relatability’?
14. Begotten or Made? Chapter 4: And Who Is a Person?
15. Made for More, the Image of God, Women, and the Church (with Hannah Anderson)

Episodes 16-20

16. Begotten or Made? Chapter 5: Cultural Presuppositions and the Practices That Embody Them
17. The Benedict Option (with Jake Meador and Matthew Loftus)
18. On Friendship
19. Should We Hope to Die at 75?
20. On Multiple Denominations: Ask Us Anything, Part 1

Episodes 21-25

21. The Bible and Dr Peter Enns
22. Warning Passages and Theosis: Ask Us Anything, Part 2
23. Teens and Sexting
24. Atonement (with Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry and Adam Johnson)
25. Christmas

Episodes 26-30

26. The Skeletons in God’s Closet (with Joshua Ryan Butler)
27. Living Through the Church’s Exile
28. Our Culture of Public Shaming
29. Lament and the Church (with J. Todd Billings)
30. Can Christians Ever Support War? (with Preston Sprinkle)

Episodes 31-35

31. The Spirituality of Work (with Nancy Nordenson)
32. The Cross in the Gospels
33. The Resurrection and Ethics
34. Christendom and the Privilege of the Church
35. The Ethics of Abortion (with Charles Camosy)

Episodes 36-40

36. Free Range Parenting
37. Evangelical Blind Spots (with Collin Hansen)
38. On Women Preaching
39. Pentecost and the Prophetic Gift of the Spirit
40. Perichoresis

Episodes 41-45

41. Liturgical Formation and the Past
42. The Pastor Theologian (with Kevin Vanhoozer and Gerald Hiestand)
43. After Obergefell
44. Intersex (with Megan DeFranza)
45. Sermons

Episodes 46-50

46. Curiosity
47. Hermeneutics
48. The Refugee Crisis
49. Ryan Anderson (with Ryan Anderson)
50. Animals (with Karen Swallow Prior)

Episodes 51-55

51. Mere Fidelity Passes 50 Podcasts: Ask Us Anything
52. Big Questions
53. Manhood (with Nate Pyle)
54. Transfiguration
55. On Sacrifice

Episodes 56-60

56. The Life You Never Expected (with Rachel Wilson)
57. The Lord’s Prayer
58. John Barclay’s Paul & the Gift
59. The Christmas of History and the Christmas of Faith
60. End of the Year

Episodes 61-65

61. Hillsong
62. American Football (with Matt Milsap)
63. Weekly Worship
64. Have Evangelicals Become Too Obsessed With Politics?
65. Apophatic Theology (with David Wilmington)

Episodes 66-70

66. Martyrdom (with Sean McDowell)
67. What Is Appropriate In Worship?
68. Last Supper and Lord’s Supper
69. Spiritual Disciplines (with Preston Yancey)
70. Time

Episodes 71-75

71. Tribalism
72. Amoris Laetitia (with Pascal Emmanuel Gobry)
73. The Ascension
74. Pentecost and the Doctrine of the Church
75. Warnings and Assurance in 1 Corinthians

Episodes 76-80

76. Eternal Subordination (with Mark Jones)
77. The Pursuing God (with Joshua Ryan Butler)
78. Understanding the Meritocracy
79. Examining Populism
80. On Satire (with Karen Swallow Prior)

Episodes 81-85

81. The Olympics and Sport (with Michael Austin)
82. On Plagiarism (with Justin Taylor)
83. Alan Jacobs on Christian Intellectuals
84. The Righteous Mind
85. On Biblical Exegesis and Systematic Theology

Episodes 86-90

86. 1 Kings
87. The Four Loves, Part 1: Introduction and Liking and Loves for the Subhuman
88. On Disability (with Kelby Carlson)
89. The Four Loves, Part 2: Affection
90. The Election Episode (with John Stonestreet)

Episodes 91-95

91. The Four Loves, Part 3: Friendship
92. On Bible Design (with J. Mark Bertrand)
93. Richard Hooker (with Brad Littlejohn and Michael Lynch)
94. The Post-Election Show
95. The Four Loves, Part 4: Eros

Episodes 96-100

96. Tim Keller, Making Sense of God (with Tim Keller)
97. The Four Loves, Part 5: Charity
98. Incarnation Anyway?
99. Humble Roots (with Hannah Anderson)
100. The Hundredth Episode (Q&A)

Episodes 101-105

101. Silence (with Brett McCracken)
102. Reviving the Worship Wars
103. The Fractured Republic (with Yuval Levin)
104. On Lent (with Steven Wedgeworth)
105. A Bible Study on Genesis 1

Episodes 106-110

106. A Bible Study on Genesis 1 and 2 (part 2)
107. The Resurrection of Politics (with Jake Meador)
108. The Benedict Option (with Rod Dreher)
109. Orthodoxy and Sexual Ethics
110. The Value of Controversy

Episodes 111-115

111. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 1
112. Translating Genesis (with Samuel Bray and John Hobbins)
113. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 2
114. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 3
115. The Reformation (with Carl Trueman)

Episodes 116-120

116. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 4
117. Technology and Ethics (with Michael Sacasas)
118. James K.A. Smith’s Awaiting the King (with Davey Henreckson)
119. On Matt’s Prison BBQ Project
120. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 5

Episodes 121-125

121. The Virgin Birth
122. Equality
123. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 6
124. Echoes of Exodus
125. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 7

Episodes 126-130

126. The Value of Heaven (with J. Todd Billings)
127. To Change the Church (with Ross Douthat)
128. Theophanies (with Vern Poythress)
129. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 8
130. Take Heart (with Matt Chandler)

Episodes 131-135

131. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 9
132. Hospitality and Immigration (with Matthew Kaemingk)
133. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 10
134. Modern Atheism (with Joseph Minich)
135. The Weirdness of Matthew 27:51-54

Episodes 136-140

136. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 11
137. Trust and Trustworthiness in a Fallen World
138. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 12
139. Disruptive Witness: Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age (with Alan Noble)
140. Augustine’s Confessions, Book 13

Episodes 141-145

141. Infertility (with Matthew Arbo)
142. Procreation—For and Against
143. Felix Culpa
144. The Texts of Advent
145. Dr Tim Keller on The Prodigal Prophet

Episodes 146-150

146. Millennials and Burnout (with Paul Gutacker)
147. Tucker Carlson’s Rant (with Dr. Diane Schanzenbach)
148. Spirit and Sacrament: An Invitation to Eucharismatic Worship
149. The Invisibility of the Church
150. Finding Holy in the Suburbs (with Dr Ashley Hales)

Episodes 151-155

151. All That’s Good: Recovering the Lost Art of Discernment (with Hannah Anderson)
152. The Spirituality of the Church
153. Biblicism
154. The Rise of the ‘Nones’ (with Dr Tricia Bruce)
155. 7 Myths About Singleness (with Sam Allberry)

Episodes 156-160

156. Responding to Sexual Abuse in the Church (with Justin Holcomb)
157. Kinism, Online Troll-Culture, and the Poway Shooter with Joe Carter
158. The Boring Parts of Scripture
159. Dignity (with Chris Arnade)
160. In Search of the Common Good (with Jake Meador)

Episodes 161-165

161. Jephthah’s Vow
162. Occult Spirituality (with Dr Tara Isabella Burton)
163. The Temptation in Gethsemane
164. The Color of Compromise (with Jemar Tisby)
165. Who is an Evangelical? (with Dr Thomas Kidd)

Episodes 166-170

166. From Jacob to Israel
167. The New Zionism (with Dr Gerald McDermott)
168. Omnium Gatherum: Sports on Sunday, Kanye West, and the Death of New Atheism
169. The ETS Special with Dr. Fred Sanders, Dr. Gavin Ortlund, and Dr. Matthew Emerson
170. Seek First: How the Kingdom of God Changes Everything (with Dr Jeremy Treat)

Episodes 171-175

171. The Imprecatory Psalms (with Trevor Laurence)
172. Science and the Good (with Paul Nedelisky)
173. The Lord’s Prayer (with Dr Wesley Hill)
174. Divine Humility (with Dr Matthew Wilcoxen)
175. Integralism (with Pater Edmund Waldstein)

Episodes 176-180

176. Crises in Evangelicalism (with Prof. Molly Worthen)
177. The Coronavirus Discussion
178. Omnium Gatherum, Part 2 (Questions and Answers)
179. Grace, Predestination, and the Permission of Sin (with Dr. Taylor Patrick O’Neill)
180. For and Against: Infant Baptism

Episodes 181-185

181. Eastertide in the Time of Coronavirus
182. Politics After Christendom (with Dr. David VanDrunen)
183. The Care of Souls (with Dr. Harold Senkbeil)
184. The Future of Christian Higher Education (with Dr. John Mark Reynolds)
185. What is The Gospel™?

Episodes 186-190

186. The Struggle of Prayer
187. Ending Overcriminalization and Mass Incarceration (with Dr Anthony Bradley)
188. Lynchings, Protests, Unrest, and Racism in America (with Malcolm Foley)
189. QAnon and the Church
190. Strange Rites: New Religions for a Godless World (with Dr Tara Isabella Burton)

Episodes 191-195

191. The Bostock Ruling (with Tim Schultz)
192. God and Guns in America (with Dr Michael Austin)
193. The Theology of the Tabernacle
194. The Imago Dei
195. Christ and Calamity (with Dr Harold Senkbeil)

Episodes 196-200

196. Jesus, the Syrophoenician Woman, and Racism
197. Joy and the Task of Theology
198. An Introduction to Theological Anthropology (with Dr Joshua Farris)
199. Lamenting the Scandal of Jerry Falwell Jr.
200. Jesus and the Forces of Death (with Dr Matthew Thiessen)

Episodes 201-205

201. Fashion Theology (with Dr Robert Covolo)