Why Does Saul Ask About David’s Father’s Identity After David Killed Goliath?

Why does Saul ask about David’s origins after the battle with Goliath? It seems from the previous account of David as Saul’s musician he should have known this. I find the common conservative suggestion (that Saul knew David but couldn’t remember his father’s name) and the common liberal suggestion (that two accounts were clumsily interwoven) both dissatisfying.

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Theopolis Podcast: Q&A with Peter Leithart and James Jordan (Circumcision, Leprosy, Goliath)

Peter Leithart, James Jordan, and I answer three questions sent in by listeners: 1. why weren’t the Israelites circumcised in the wilderness? 2. What is the meaning of the second sign of leprosy given to Moses? 3. Is the strong man of Jesus’ teaching to be connected with Goliath?

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Why Did David Take Five Smooth Stones?

In your video on numerology, you said that we should pay attention to the presence of very specific numbers in surprising places. One possible example I’d like for you to discuss is the five smooth stones of 1 Samuel 17:40. Why be so specific about FIVE stones, when he only ended up using one? And is there any point to the other peculiarly specific details here?

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