Acts 12 and the Resurrection and Exodus of Peter

I’ve just recorded another Youtube video (see my first one here), this time on the subject of Acts 12 and the ways in Peter’s experience is modeled after Christ’s and Israel’s. Acts 12 was one of many exodus-themed parts of Scripture that we didn’t have the space to get into in Echoes of Exodus, but it will give you a flavour of the sort of things we explore in other passages.

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Jesus as the Greater Ezekiel in Luke 3-4

I recorded a video earlier this evening, talking through the interpretation of Luke 3-4 against the background of Ezekiel. It is an experiment and clearly leaves much to be desired. However, if people like it, I might do this and other videos more regularly (and hopefully in a more organized and less rambling fashion!). For instance, if people have questions that they would like me to answer, recording a video is quicker than much writing a blog post.

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