Yoram Hazony on Scripture as Political Philosophy

Yoram Hazony is the president of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem and serves as the chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation. He is the author of The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture, God and Politics in Esther, The Virtue of Nationalism, and, more recently, Conservatism: A Rediscovery. He joins me for a discussion of the Bible as a political text.

Within the conversation, I also mention Joshua Berman’s Created Equal: How the Bible Broke with Ancient Political Thought, Eric Nelson’s The Hebrew Republic: Jewish Sources and the Transformation of European Political Thought, Moshe Halbertal and Stephen Holmes’s, The Beginning of Politics: Power in the Biblical Book of Samuel, and Yechiel Leiter’s John Locke’s Political Philosophy and the Hebrew Bible.

‘The Doctrine of Scripture,’ with Dr Brad East

Brad East, the author of the recent The Church’s Book: Theology of Scripture in Ecclesial Context, joins us for a discussion of his more popular treatment of the doctrine of Scripture, fittingly entitled The Doctrine of Scripture.

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