On Earth as in Heaven: Theopolis Fundamentals (with Dr Peter Leithart)

Dr Peter Leithart’s recent series of Theopolitan Fundamentals volumes was recently brought together in one book and published by Lexham Press as On Earth as in Heaven: Theopolis Fundamentals. Dr Leithart joined me and Matt to discuss it.

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Update (Forthcoming Conferences & Daily Biblical Reflections Project)

Within this video I give an update on the ongoing daily biblical reflection project and discuss two forthcoming conferences in London: Knowing Jesus in All the Bible, with Peter Leithart, Glen Scrivener, and Andrew Wilson and How Should We Worship? at which Peter Leithart and I will be speaking.

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Theopolis Podcast: The Genealogy from Adam to Esau in 1 Chronicles (The Genealogies of Scripture)

Peter Leithart, James Bejon, and I continue to explore the genealogies of the Bible. This time we look at the first part of the genealogies of 1 Chronicles.

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Did the Mosaic Covenant End at the Battle of Aphek?

In Peter Leithart’s A House For My Name, he says that the mosaic covenant comes to an end when the ark is taken by the philistines in 1 Samuel. Is this correct to say the covenant has ended? Or that the Lord undergoes the punishment so as to continue his covenant with them? It seems the prophets during the monarchical period assume the continued validity of the mosaic covenant. If you could provide clarification and correction that would be helpful.

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Who Are James Jordan’s Influences?

Who are Jim Jordan’s sources? It would obviously be fair to describe him as “innovative”, but it seems very much that there’s a chain where you have followed on from Peter Leithart, who followed on from Jim… but where did Jim learn his hermeneutic? Is he really so innovative an expositor that we can’t read what he’s read and see where he learned it all?

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