Jesus as the Greater Ezekiel in Luke 3-4

I recorded a video earlier this evening, talking through the interpretation of Luke 3-4 against the background of Ezekiel. It is an experiment and clearly leaves much to be desired. However, if people like it, I might do this and other videos more regularly (and hopefully in a more organized and less rambling fashion!). For instance, if people have questions that they would like me to answer, recording a video is quicker than much writing a blog post.

3 thoughts on “Jesus as the Greater Ezekiel in Luke 3-4

  1. Hi Alastair,
    Yes, please do another video – I found this really helpful 🙂
    It takes me back to my first online love, #Luke2Acts , with the added dimension of echoes of Ezekiel.Yes, listening to readings of the Bible is really good, though I still have not quite fathomed out why it is so important.. When I first became a Christian about 25 years ago I always looked forward to hearing fellow Christians reading from the Bible at services and it reminded me that i was part of a vast body of believers which reaches out widely geographically in the present, and also reaches deep into history – i sometimes wish I could have been there in the Temple when Jesus opened the scroll and read that wonderful passage from Isaiah.
    On a personal note, I am still waiting for a date for cataract surgery, so I find reading quite a strain just now – this video is far more relaxing for me.
    Congratulations on your YouTube venture! 🙂


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