Priest, King, Prophet

While it is very far from the most articulate or well-ordered treatment of the subject (like the rest of my videos it is done without any notes or preparation, off the top of my head), the following is a brief introduction to the priest-king-prophet paradigm for understanding Scripture. Hopefully some of you will find it helpful.

2 thoughts on “Priest, King, Prophet

  1. Alastair, this was helpful. Thanks.

    I wonder…do you see a correlation between the 3 offices of Priest, Prophet, and King (and the progression from one to the other) and the Trivium (the three ways of Classical education): Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric? Grammar is learning the basic “parts” of a subject, Dialectic is seeing relationships and patterns between the “parts” and rhetoric is applying those “parts” beautifully to the world.

    I think they fit nicely together….


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