What Should We Make of Jeremiah’s Prophecy of a New Covenant?

As a paedobaptist, I am curious how would you respond to the credobaptist argument from the nature of the new covenant as described in Jer 31:31–34. They argue that Jeremiah pictures the newness of the new covenant consisting in its being made with an entirely regenerate/forgiven/saved community. Credobaptists then would argue that this change in the nature of the covenant people implies a change in the administration of the covenant sign as well, such that it should now only be applied to those who evidence themselves to be regenerate by means of a credible profession of faith. In addressing this question, I would love to hear your basic view of how the various covenants in Scripture relate to one another and develop over time.

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New Soundcloud Account for the Audio from my Videos (and Possibly More!)

As some of my followers will find it inconvenient to watch my videos, but could listen to audio, I have set up a Soundcloud account, which will have the audio from my videos. I may also post other things there from time to time. I am steadily uploading the audio from my existing videos there at the moment.

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