Iain Provan, ‘In Defence of Protestant Hermeneutics’ (and responses, including mine)

I am one of the speakers responding to Iain Provan (who has just written this book) in this Davenant Institute event on Protestant hermeneutics.

2 thoughts on “Iain Provan, ‘In Defence of Protestant Hermeneutics’ (and responses, including mine)

  1. Yes, the poor sound quality makes it hard work. So far, as it took ages to start up, I fast forwarded through to AR’s contribution and IP’s response and the follow up from others. I clearly need to listen to IP from 23 min. I’m not sure I heard or understood properly IP emphasise that the OT was only a human construct (as if God played no part. Please disabuse me of that.
    Not sure whether IP had previously come across the hermeneutics exemplified by AR’s contribution, (particularly the seeming “off piste” section) as IP agreed that it was a legitimate interpretation of OT narrative.
    I wonder how IP would or wouldn’t preach a gospel message from the OT rather than it being reduced to morals, ethics, or character studies, or biblical history? But I’m not a scholar.
    I was particularly struck by AR’s point about the methodology for the study of scripture, in general, in (UK?) universities. The challenge would be:chose the academy carefully. When I mentioned on another blog that the bible can be and is studied and interpreted and taught and marked by non-believers, a response from a bible teacher was that it was of no account or importance.
    A friend, an ordained Methodist minister, studied on an ecumenical course for ordination at Durham (UK) . Whenever he cited orthodox authorities, it was invariably undermined.


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