What They Didn’t Teach Me in My Formal Theological Education

You mentioned in a video about training that key parts of your theological knowledge/training you had to work on yourself in your own time as they weren’t addressed in the curriculum. What were those key areas?

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2 thoughts on “What They Didn’t Teach Me in My Formal Theological Education

  1. I listen to many of your videos, but tend to comment only when I am bothered by something. This comment is meant to remedy that.

    First off, your theological videos are always edifying and often actually moving.

    I write novels that are informed by Reformed theology. When I read or listen to a goosebump-raising exposition that helps us see Christ in history, that tends to filter in to my fiction.

    I also home school my three boys. This week we studied the council of Nicea (at treetop level, of course). I don’t think I learned anything about that until I was an adult.

    All that to say, we lay folk who are doing other things in the Kingdom NEED theologians like you … and your colleagues … and our own pastors. I am deeply impressed by the amount of work it takes to become theologically conversant. Just wanted to say thank you to you and other theologians who do this wide studying that most of us don’t have time for, and then express the fruits of your studies in ways that we can understand.

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