One of my longer term goals is to provide well-edited transcriptions for every podcast or video that I produce (I’ve listed all my videos/podcasts and which have been transcribed here). Transcription takes a great deal of time—far more time than I have to spare—but it can save a lot of time for the many people for whom watching through an entire video is very inconvenient, but who would like to read my thoughts on a particular question.

A few of my listeners and supporters have volunteered to transcribe videos for me, which has been a real blessing and help. Recently, a professional transcriber contacted me and offered her services on a trial basis. I have been very impressed with the quality and consistency of her work and would like to be able to pay her appropriately in the future.

If you are at all interested in making this possible, please consider supporting or donating using my Patreon or PayPal accounts. New sponsorship and donations are being earmarked for this specific purpose.

New and existing Patreon supporters also get to suggest which videos they would most like to see transcribed, which will be prioritized accordingly.

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