Theopolis Podcast: Q&A Session (Historicity of the Exodus, Icons, Sacramental Administration, Fulfilled Prophecy)

Peter Leithart, James Bejon, Jeff Meyers, and I answer four questions from listeners: 1. Can we believe in the Exodus as an historical event? 2. How should we think about icons? 3. What are the boundaries of sacramental administration? 4. How should we discuss the fulfilment of prophecy with observant Jews?

You can follow the Theopolis podcast on SoundcloudiTunes, and on most podcast apps. You can read show notes over on the Theopolis podcast website. You can also see past episodes I have contributed to by clicking the ‘Theopolis Podcast’ link in the bar above. If you would like to leave a question for us to answer, please do so on our Curious Cat page.

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