The ‘Sin’ of Empathy? (with Hannah Anderson and Joe Rigney)

The moral character of empathy has recently been a subject of contentious online debate among Christians. Joe Rigney and Hannah Anderson, who have both engaged in these disputes with their different concerns, join me for an extended discussion of the question, hoping to clear up some misunderstandings on both sides, and to break some differences down to size.

Within the conversation we mention various articles and other material.

Joe Rigney
The Enticing Sin of Empathy
Dangerous Compassion
Do You Feel My Pain?
Man Rampant Interview

Abigail Dodds
The Beauty and Abuse of Empathy

Paul Bloom
The Case Against Empathy
Against Empathy

Edwin Friedman
A Failure of Nerve
My summary of A Failure of Nerve

Brené Brown
On Empathy
Daring Greatly
Shame and Empathy

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