Why Did the Gadarene Villagers Ask Jesus to Leave?

Why did the inhabitants of the Gadarene village ask Jesus to leave after he healed the demoniac?

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3 thoughts on “Why Did the Gadarene Villagers Ask Jesus to Leave?

  1. Amen, and again Amen.
    And now I am intrigued by verse 20 – it looks as though the cleansed and healed Demoniac, obedient to and empowered by Jesus, was rejected in his own city, but welcomed in other cities?
    (I realise that this is part-comment/part question!)


  2. This was a very sobering and poignant video. Horrifying, actually.

    One already feels for the demoniac in the story, but much more so when we realize the whole town is complicit in his condition. I think Ursula le Guin once wrote an essay about this very situation. It also reminded me of the play The Lottery. I can’t remember if you referenced it in the video … it’s been a little while between watching and commenting.

    Christians are often accused of doing this very thing, so it’s lovely to see Jesus breaking the false peace that comes from putting all a town’s spiritual problems on to one person. He is the only one who can truly deal with our demons, literal and metaphorical, rather than just shifting them around.

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