Moving Mountains

What is your interpretation of Jesus’ sayings about the prayers of believers “moving mountains”?

Within my discussion, I reference N.T. Wright’s interpretation from Jesus and the Victory of God.

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2 thoughts on “Moving Mountains

  1. While I don’t discount the points you made in your video, I think, more specifically, Jesus is using Mt. Gerizim – Mt. Ebal contrasts here.

    Mountains were believed to be “where the Gods dwelt” in the ANE. I think Jesus is saying, if you have faith (i.e. Mt. Gerizim-blessing), you can say to this mountain (i.e. Mt. Ebal-curses) be removed and thrown into the sea (spiritual realm of chaos).


    1. To give further credence to this interpretation, the word “mulberry” is actually “baka”. It means “weeping” and represents sorrow.

      Thus, a “mulberry tree” (Luke 17:6) is representative of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and associated with “curses”, as is Mt. Ebal !!


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