Pastor C.R. Wiley On Recovering The Household

Pastor C.R. Wiley joins me to discuss practical steps towards the recovery of the household in the modern world.

Buy his book Man of the House and keep an eye out for his forthcoming book, The Household and the War for the Cosmos here. He blogs over on Patheos.

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4 thoughts on “Pastor C.R. Wiley On Recovering The Household

  1. could you leave a link to the book you referenced about solving technology with more technology – I think you said it was by William Vandenberg


      1. Thank you! Looking at the table of contents, that book looks to address a lot of important questions. I’ve been looking for a book that deals with these kinds of issues – would you recommend this one? And I realize a recommendation doesn’t mean you agree with the book – just that it may be useful in stimulating / clarifying thinking.


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