January 18th: Genesis 18 and Matthew 16:13-20

3 thoughts on “January 18th: Genesis 18 and Matthew 16:13-20

  1. Greetings Alastair:

    Have you found the answer to the question about the ingredients of the meal?

    I saw that you’ve reviewed Matthieu Pageau’s book on Genesis and in one of his chapters he goes into the question about the three measures of fine meal. He talks about it being a transaction where the angels feed and Abraham and Sarah host, trading flesh for seed, and Abraham acting as a cosmic mediator between heaven and earth.

    Are you satisfied with this answer? Is he reading the Bible with a similar interpretative framework as you are?


    1. I haven’t come up with an answer that entirely satisfies me yet.

      I am not persuaded by Pageau’s answer on this one, although I love his book and greatly appreciate his interpretative framework. His framework is somewhat different from mine, but more in a complementary than opposing way.


  2. Yes, I can see how they are complimentary.

    Thanks for the reply, and again, thanks for the recordings, I am appreciating them daily.


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